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About Us

T-Rex Interactive is a small indie game development studio, from Pszczyna, Poland. Right now, our studio consists of two people – brothers who founded T-Rex Interactive – Mirosław and Sebastian Wiśniowski.

After T-Rex Interactive was founded in july 2013, studio is actively developing their first commercial game – Box Kid Adventures


If you are interested in high-quality HTML5 games for your website, then contact us.
We’re offering exclusive and non-exclusive licenses for our games, but we’re also doing contract work so we can design a unique game just for you.


Box Kid Puzzles

Free to play spin-off of the Box Kid Adventures.
Available on

Box Kid Adventures

It’s a dynamic, top down puzzle game.
You play as Box Kid – a toy made of carboard – going through various levels, full of nasty enemies and brain challenging puzzles.


It’s a small puzzle game made with only 20 lines of code (not counting all the stuff GM:S2 does behind the scenes), made for GameMaker 20 Jam in 2019.

Yi qi

It’s an action platformer, made in 2017.
Help Yi qi on a quest to feed her family and let the species survive an extinction.

Grim Reaper’s Last Job

It’s a puzzle game, made for the Post-Apocalyptic GMC Jam #1 in 2016.
Help Grim Reaper on the quest for eternal vacations.

Friendly Plant from Beyond

It’s a simple game, made for Ludum Dare 34, in 2015.
Eat life forms and grow bigger, but don’t get caught in the process.

Prehistoric Rescue Ranger

It’s an endless runner, made for GMC Jam #20 in 2015.
Rescue kitties from extinction.